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Custom Robo GX

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Custom Robo GX
Custom Robo GX.jpg
Developer(s): Noise
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Predecessor: Custom Robo V2
Successor: Custom Robo (GCN)
Release dates
Japan: July 26, 2002

Custom Robo GX is a game for Game Boy Advance, and the third game in the Custom Robo series.


Unlike past games in the series, 2D graphics are used for this entry. The game introduces Sky Battles and zero gravity combat.

The story revolves around the protagonist who wants to enter a tournament with their friend Yusuke, but is caught up in an investigation regarding the trading of illegal Robo parts.


Custom Robo series logo
Custom Robo • V2 • GX (cancelled Game Boy Advance successor) • Battle Revolution • Arena
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