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(Adding a shortcut here to NintendoWiki:Sandbox)
Hi, I'm Evie ^^.

I'm an admin and editor here. I was on semi-hiatus, I guess I became bored on not sure what role to do but going to add articles on all the Nintendo chips (as many people outside of hardware backgrounds only talk about the Super FX chip etc.).

I'm also the founder and editor in chief of Sanrio Wiki; which is similarly about the company Sanrio but doesn't have restrictions this wiki does (hence a Hello Kitty game could be on that wiki even if not published by Character Soft etc.).

Torchickens profile picture.png

You can also contact me on Twitter where I tend to post in waves and sometimes can't shut up. ;_;

Directory project[edit]

I've been trying to make articles on all games published by Nintendo, with brief summaries. NinDB and GameFAQS combined have already done most of the work, but it has been an ambition recently that we could create a big list of Nintendo published games/software which can (due to being on a wiki platform) easily be updated with time. This will realistically take a long time.

There are quite a few gaps, so consulting those lists you should be able to find them, or perhaps a rare case of one on neither of those lists (as Space X was).

Dead DLC projects (partially complete, may come back to this)[edit]

I've worked on these. There are online services I've missed, and I haven't done much on DLC lists yet.

(Have done a little work on and the known Nintendo-published/developed Mobile System GB software; Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Mobile Golf, Mobile Trainer, Pokémon Crystal Version, Napoleon, Horse Racing Creating Derby and Game Boy Wars 3.)

  1. Famicom Network System
  2. Mobile System GB
  3. Wii Shop Channel
  4. List of Satellaview broadcasts ; then
  5. List of WiiWare (...)
  6. List of DSiWare
  7. Dead mobile things like Pokémate, Miitomo? (come back to Nintendo Mobile later to add missing songs and possibly translations)
  8. List of DeNA Nintendo mobile games
  9. Add Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner

Contents: User:Torchickens/Directory of software

Other stuff User:Torchickens/Miscellaneous Nintendo lists