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Kazumi Totaka

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Kazumi Totaka (戸高 一生) is a Japanese video game composer, active since 1991 who worked as a composer for the soundtrack of various Nintendo games such as Mario Paint and Animal Crossing. He also voices Yoshi from the Super Mario series and was the director for Wii Music. Asuka Ohta was an assistant of Kazumi Totaka.


Totaka's song

Within most games that Totaka has composed for is a short tune known as "Totaka's Song", referred to as the "Mario Paint" song prior to the discovery of the K.K. song in Animal Crossing and the song's first appearance in X. The song is usually featured as an easter egg that can be heard by waiting in certain parts of a game.

Game How to find
X Waiting on a fake Dr. Yamano scientist scene in Mission 4 for a few moments causes the music to change to Totaka's song.[1]
Mario Paint Clicking on the 'O' on the title screen causes the letter to turn into a bomb and explode, stopping the music and causing Kazumi Totaka's song to play a few seconds later.[2]
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru After the gold rush quest, and using the Mammoth to donate gold to the port town, the player will be escorted back to the second village. However, if the player decides to later return to the port town a mansion will have appeared there. If the player waits in this building for a few minutes, the music will temporarily stop and Totaka's song will play there before the normal song starts looping again.[3] The player must not have completed the fourth castle visit and rescued Princess Tiramisu otherwise the building will be blocked off and a new file must be started.
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins If the player gets a game over and waits on the game over screen for a few minutes, the music will eventually stop and Totaka's song will play before looping again.[4]
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening / DX
  • If Link waits in Prince Richard's villa for a moment, then the music will temporarily stop and Kazumi Totaka's song will play there before looping again.[5] This is may be a reference to For the Frog the Bell Tolls' version of Totaka's Song, as Prince Richard originally appeared as the player character's rival in that game. This Easter egg is retained in the Nintendo Switch remake.
    • In the DX version, this can also be triggered when Link has his photo taken outside of Kanalet Castle, because Richard's Theme also plays here.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, entering "TOTAKEKE" as the name of a new file will change the music to a remix of Totaka's Song. This Easter egg is retained in the Nintendo Switch remake, where it can be found in all versions. In the German version of the game, entering "MOYSE" (the name of the German language localizer) will change the music to a remix of Totaka's Song.
  • Another version of Totaka's Song has been found in the game code, but is seemingly unused. It is reminiscent of sounds from the Ocarina or Song of the Sirens.[6]
Virtual Boy Wario Land After watching the credits, waiting on the "END" screen for 1 minute and 15 seconds will trigger Kasumi Totaka's song.
Yoshi's Story Waiting on the Trial Mode stage select screen for a while will trigger Kasumi Totaka's song.
Mario Artist: Talent Studio Totaka's song is one of the tracks which can be used in players' animations.
Animal Crossing series
  • K.K. Song is an extended version of Totaka's song that K.K. Slider can be requested to perform in every mainline Animal Crossing game. As with his other songs, K.K. Slider will give the player a "bootleg recording" of the song after performing it for the first time that can be played on any Stereo furniture. Certain villagers will have this song playing in their house by default.[7] "K.K. Song" also plays in the e-Reader card minigame "Who's Dunnit?".
  • In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Kapp'n will sometimes whistle the song on the bus between the player's town and the city.
  • In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Kapp'n will whistle the song if it is taking some time to connect to Club Tortimer.
Luigi's Mansion Near the beginning of the game, if the player waits at the controller configuration screen for 3 minutes and 25 seconds, Totaka's song will play.[8].
Pikmin 2
  • If the player completes an uncompleted cave and collects all the treasures, confetti will appear on the 'cave complete!' screen. If the player waits on the screen for several minutes, Totaka's song will play. This Easter egg does not appear in the New Play Control! or Nintendo Switch versions.
  • When entering a cave, a warning screen will appear when the game attempts to save if there is not a Memory Card inserted. Waiting on this menu for nearly four minutes will make the song play. As the Wii saves game data to the system's internal memory rather than using Memory Cards, this menu cannot be accessed in the New Play Control! version.[9]
Yoshi Touch & Go In the mountainous areas where wind is blowing if the player waits for several minutes Totaka's Song will play. This can be achieved by leaving the game paused.[10]
X-Scape After the player saves the fake doctor from the planet Mapate and brings him to the base on Mordarl, the player's support robot VIX-529 will talk with the player. When VIX-529 asks 'What's that?' if the player leaves the game on this scene for several minutes Totaka's Song will eventually play.[11]
Yoshi's New Island Once the player reaches World 6, they must stay on the world map for six minutes before the song starts playing.
Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe In courses with Yoshis on the sidelines, one Yoshi will be humming Totaka's song, which will only become audible when the player drives up to them. The Yoshi that sings the song is random.

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