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Panel de Pon 64

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Panel de Pon 64
PDP64 NPC Title Screen.png
Title screen for the Nintendo Puzzle Collection version of the game.
Developer(s): Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Category: Puzzle
Players: 1-4 (NPC)
Predecessor: (Unknown)
Successor: (Unknown)
Release dates
Worldwide: (Unreleased)
Japan: N64: (Unreleased)
Nintendo Puzzle Collection: February 7, 2003
ESRB: E (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
CERO: A (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
© 1995-2003 Nintendo/Intelligent Systems

Panel de Pon 64 (also simply known as Panel de Pon) is a game in the Panel de Pon series that was set to release on the Nintendo 64, but then cancelled and retooled as Pokémon Puzzle League outside of Japan. The game would later see a release with its original cast on the Nintendo GameCube in Nintendo Puzzle Collection however, exclusively in Japan.

In July 2020, YouTube channel Gamers Manuel published a video showcasing for the first time a prototype version of the N64 version, referred to as "pre-beta revision 79".[1]

Evidence prior to the discovery of the prototype cartridge already pointed to the Panel de Pon game on the Nintendo Puzzle Collection being originally a N64 game, such as the game being mentioned in the code for the N64 emulator used in The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition and in the Wii's Virtual Console; with serial code NYLJ.[2] Similar information was also found for a Japanese version of Dr. Mario 64, which was a game also included in Nintendo Puzzle Collection.



Gameplay is close to (if not completely) identical to Pokémon Puzzle League, with the only addition being a 4-player versus mode in the Nintendo Puzzle Collection release − it is currently unknown if the N64 would have supported 4 players.

Technical Details

Nintendo Puzzle Collection release

Technical Details

Nintendo GameCube Game Disc

Input / compatible controllers

Nintendo GameCube Controller

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