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  • January 17, 2014 - The Hard Drop Tetris Wiki, a Hard Drop project becomes the 22nd member of NIWA!
  • September 19, 2013 - Hiroshi Yamauchi, the third president of Nintendo renowned for transforming Nintendo into a multi-billion dollar video game company has passed away—how sad. Rest in peace. Your efforts will be always be remembered.
  • August 16th, 2013 - WiKirby has moved! For the next few weeks, you'll find the wiki about Kirby at! Be sure to update your bookmarks!
  • July 26th, 2013 - Pikmin 3 has been released in Europe and Australia, and is coming to North America on August 4th! Check out Pikipedia for all the latest news and info!

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Pokémon GS Boxart US.png

Pokémon Gold Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター金 Pocket Monsters Kin, literally Pocket Monsters Gold) and Pokémon Silver Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター銀 Pocket Monsters Gin, literally Pocket Monsters Silver) were the fifth and sixth Pokémon games released, beginning the second generation of the Pokémon series.

Developed as a sequel to Pokémon Red and Green, Gold and Silver expanded the Pokémon world westward into the region of Johto, where 100 Pokémon not appearing in the earlier games could be found.

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