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Nintendo 3DS Camera

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The Nintendo 3DS Camera is software included in the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles. In addition to accessing it from a software icon, it can be accessed from the Home Menu with L+R. The Nintendo 3DS Camera is used in a variety of games for the system as well. The mascot of the Nintendo 3DS Camera is a yellow and green parakeet/budgerigar, who provides a selection of tips.

The camera includes both an inner camera (e.g. for capturing the player's face) and an outer camera.


  • Take photos using the inner or outer camera
  • Record videos (though with the inner/outer camera); it is not possible to record gameplay unlike the Nintendo Switch's Capture Button.
  • QR Code scanner
  • Photo merger
  • Trick Shot modes: Interval Shot, Frame Pick, Clip Link
  • Graffiti for modifying photos, including pencils/crayons, stamps, blurring tool
  • The player can move photos between the system memory and SD Card.
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