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Shovel Knight

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Shovel Knight
Shoberu Naito
Shovel Knight Wii U NA box.png
Box art for the physical release of the Wii U version
Developer(s): Yacht Club Games
Publisher(s): WW: Yacht Club Games
JP: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo Switch[1]
Category: 2D platformer
Players: 1-2
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
Worldwide: Switch: March 3, 2017[2]
N. America: June 26, 2014 (digital)
November 3, 2015 (physical)
Japan: June 30, 2016
Europe: November 6, 2014 (digital)
October 30, 2015 (physical)
Australia: November 6, 2014 (digital)
October 30, 2016 (physical)
USK: 6
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Shovel Knight is a 2D platforming game created by independent developer Yacht Club Games and inspired both in its graphics and gameplay mechanics by classic platformers released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game was initially released on the Nintendo eShop for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, alongside the Windows release, before its release on various other platforms. Shovel Knight was originally released in North America in June 2014, and in Europe and Australia in November 2014. Physical versions of Shovel Knight were later released in October of 2015. Even later, the game was released in Japan exclusively on Nintendo platforms in June of 2015, published by Nintendo; both versions were released digitally, while the Nintendo 3DS version saw a physical release. Finally, Shovel Knight was released for the Nintendo Switch as a launch title in North America and Europe in March 2017, with all the campaigns being made available individually on all platforms while the full game became Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.[1]

In early 2015, an amiibo of main character Shovel Knight was produced independently by Yacht Club Games, making it the first third-party manufactured amiibo. In Japan, players can purchase a bundle containing a physical copy of the Nintendo 3DS version of Shovel Knight alongside the amiibo.


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Many years ago, Shovel Knight and his companion Shield Knight were two of the most renowned adventurers, journeying across the world together. However, while exploring the Tower of Fate, Shield Knight was caught in the magic of a cursed amulet. Shovel Knight later awoke outside the tower to find it sealed and Shield Knight gone, and, grieving over the loss of his partner, he lives a life of seclusion. Without adventurers to stop evil, however, the Enchantress is able to take over the land with her Order of No Quarter. With the Tower of Fates unsealed, Shovel Knight sets out to stop the Order and hopefully rescue Shield Knight.


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Technical details

Technical Details

Wii U Game Disc
Nintendo 3DS Game Card
Digital download (Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch)

Download size

Wii U: 184 MB
3DS: 1,217 blocks
Switch: 147 MB[3]

Supported features

Nintendo Network (Miiverse, leaderboards), amiibo (read/write), Off-TV Play (Wii U), StreetPass (3DS)

Input / compatible controllers

Wii U: Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote (+ Nunchuk), Classic Controller
Nintendo 3DS
Switch: Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Version Number Date Released Description
1.1 August 26, 2014 (Wii U)[4]

September 25, 2014 (3DS)[5]

Wii U version can now be played without the GamePad, "Update" option added to the main menu on the Nintendo 3DS version, GamePad display can be toggled between "Main" (Off-TV Play) and "Sub" (item menu) displays by pressing Select, Bug fixes, game tweaks.
2.0 Adds the "Plague of Shadows" campaign with Plague Knight as a playable character, adds the ability to play the game in different languages, adds Challenge Mode, adds the ability to skip victory cinematics and end credits by pressing Start, removes "Update" option from the Nintendo 3DS title screen.
2.01 Fixes to the Plague of Shadows campaign.
2.1 Adds amiibo compatibility, allows players to map the ZL and ZR buttons on New Nintendo 3DS systems, gameplay fixes and adjustments.
2.2 January 8, 2016[6] Adds stats screen, adds Shovel Knight's palette cheats for Plague Knight, gameplay adjustments, bug fixes.

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