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Affiliates of NIWA and of NintendoWiki itself can be suggested for interwiki linking on pages of relevant content. Each of these are determined by the NIWA and/or N Wiki staff on a case-by-case basis, and any new suggestions should be brought up on the discussion page or in the forums.


For the most part, each link to an approved affiliate, will, at a minimum, be included in the "External Links" section of a relevant page. The purpose of this is to encourage visitors of NintendoWiki to explore more-indepth wiki's on the respective coverage. For example, the game Digimon Racing would include alot of info important to a user of a Nintendo console; but to find out more information about the Digimon franchise as a whole, or just more information on that game in general, a link to a related page on wikimon is provided.

This, and all similar links is to be placed between a link to the Wikipedia article, and a link to the StrategyWiki guide.

Taking the Digimon Racing example, its section would look like this:

== External Links ==
* Article on {{wp|Digimon_Racing|Wikipedia}}
* Article on [[wikimon:Digimon_Racing|Wikimon]]
* Game Guide on {{sw|Digimon_Racing|StrategyWiki}} 

Current list of Approved Affiliates

Note: If a Wiki on this list becomes a Member of NIWA, it is taken off this list. The links related to this policy shall remain on this wiki upon their admission.

Name / Logo Scope Related Page(s) Interwiki code (if applicable)
Wikimon link button.gif Digimon Franchise Digimon series wikimon:
Wikisimpsons The Simpsons Franchise The Simpsons series wikisimpsons:
Kingdom Hearts Wiki Kingdom Hearts Franchise Kingdom Hearts series kingdomhearts:
Square Enix Wiki Square Enix Square Enix squareenixwiki:
Final Fantasy Wiki Final Fantasy Final Fantasy series finalfantasy:
Etrian Odyssey Wiki Etrian Odyssey Etrian Odyssey series etrianodyssey:
Mega Man Wiki Mega Man Mega Man series megaman:

Affiliate franchise summaries

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