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  • Tag opening: <gallery>
  • Tag closing: </gallery>

Using it creates a table that organizes the images in a series of boxes. Using by default will limit the table by 4 images per row if there are 4 images or more.

Wiki coding Initial result
File:Nintendo logo.png
File:PM2 NACover.jpg|''[[Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door]]'' game.
File:EarthBound logo.png|<center>'''[[EarthBound series|EarthBound]]
  • To make a caption, add " | " after the image filename.
  • The opening tag
    • Caption: Inserts a title on top of the gallery.
    • Width: Self-explanatory.
    • Height: Self-explanatory.
    • Perrow: The amount of images that can appear in a row determined by the number. If unused, the default is 4 images a row.

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This template is using the Fire Emblem color scheme