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Userboxes are a way to customize your user page with colorful and meaning-related templates and boxes.

They are ways to tag yourself with information, such as "This user owns X Game", "This user likes pizza", "This user is an Artist".

Creating a userbox

To create a user, create a template page starting with the title "Userbox", followed by a slash (/) and then a word to signify the userbox.

Inside the template page, place the following code:

| class =
| style = background:cyan;
| id_style = background:magenta; color:#ffffff;
| id = id
| text_style = background:yellow;
| text = text

And hit preview. It should come out, looking like this:



Userboxes are broken-down into the following sections:

  • id - an icon (like letters or a picture) that represents the aspect the userbox is trying to portray.
  • text - related text.


Each of the above sections have related options, along with one's that affect it over all.


  1. Are you aware of any CSS-classes you wish to user with the template? if so, place them next to class.
  2. colorscheme - Which color scheme would you like to use? If you don't know of any, See {{nw|Color Scheme]].
  3. style - What Style-information would you like to add?


  1. id_style - what style information would be associated with the id-area?
  2. id - what text is placed in the id-area?


  1. text_style - what style information would be associated with the text-area?
  2. text - what text is placed in the text-area?


Light Kirby.JPG

As an example, let's say you want to create an userbox with the picture at right for an id, text saying "This user lights up a room.", a color scheme based on Kirby series and no additional information in terms of style, then it can be coded as

| class = 
| colorscheme = Kirby
| style = 
| id_style = 
| id = [[File:Light Kirby.JPG|center|30px]]
| text_style = 
| text = This user {{wk|lights|lights}} up a room.

And this comes out as

Light Kirby.JPG
This user lights up a room.

Now, in the case you wish to allow the user's to customize it even further, feel free to add addition variables on the right side of the equal sign. So, using the Kirby-example above, we can add the variable to allow the user to customize the template even further.

Coding-wise, it looks like this:

| class = 
| colorscheme = Kirby
| style = {{style|}}}
| id_style = 
| id = [[File:Light Kirby.JPG|center|30px]]
| text_style = 
| text = This user {{wk|lights|lights}} up a room.

Unless the user actaully adds custom information, it will still come out the same.


All userboxes, current and new ones being created, are subect the the following rules:

  1. They must be approprite - No userboxes maybe made of or related to in-appropritate material. See {{nw|General Rules]] and {{nw|Coverage]] for more information.
  2. All images must be sourced' - It is fine to upload images to be used exclusively in userboxes. However, these images are are subject to the Image Policy. Please see Help:Images and Help:Image Sourcing for more information.
  3. The userbox is subject to the wiki's {{nw|Template Standards|Template Standards]]

When done, save and add your userbox to Help:Userbox List. And then add it to your page, if you choose to!

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