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Help:Protected Pages

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Protected Pages are just that, articles which have been protected to stop any editor who is not an Administrator from editing them. For more information about the article in question being locked and the reasoning behind it, please see the article's talk page. If need be, it can be requested on the talk page that the article be unlocked in order to make changes. However, because an administrator can edit protected pages, an administrator may make the change instead of unlocking it to prevent problems.

Protection Levels

  • An Unprotected page allows all users who have an account to edit. Pages with this level of protection may also be Moved by any user.
  • AutoConfirmed Users Only protected pages prevents the newest members from editing a page.
  • Administrators Only is the highest level of protection. This prevents anyone from editing or moving a page unless they have Administrator/Bureaucrat privileges enabled.

Reasons for page protection

Naturally wikis are openly editable, but certain pages deemed critical may be permanently protected from editing. Examples of these may include: Main Page, Policy Pages, Archives, Templates serving critical functions, etc. Pages may be temporarily protected following an edit war, vandal attack, or any other reason decided upon by staff members.

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