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Wiki's that cover Nintendo-related content in different languages can be can be suggested for interwiki linking on pages of relevant content. Each of these are determined by the N Wiki staff on a case-by-case basis, and any new suggestions should be brought up on the discussion page.


Each page that can be linked to an equivalent page on another-language wiki gets a link on the bottom of the page in a fashion as so:

[[<code for a specific language>:<relevent name in same language as the code>]]

For example, to link to the game Animal Crossing: Wild World in German, its section would look like this:

[[de:Animal Crossing: Wild World]]

where de: being the code for the Language of German.

Another German example, with one that has a different name.

[[:de:Pokémon Schwarze Edition und Weiße Edition]]

for the German Language version of Pokémon Black and White.

Current list of Approved Partners[edit]

Name / Logo Language Interlanguage code (if applicable) link button.png German de:

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