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Help:Talk Pages

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A talk page is where discussion on an article, file, category, template or where you can leave a message for a user. Talk pages as always accessible by clicking "discussion" or "talk page" above. In addition, you can link to it by using the {{talk}} template, or by placing " talk" or "Talk" to the link, before the page title, but after the {{nw|Namespace|namespace]], if any.

Namespace Main Link Talk page Link
(main) Super Mario series Talk:Super Mario series
User User:NIWA-Admin User talk:NIWA-Admin
NintendoWiki About NintendoWiki talk:About
File:Test.png File:Test.png File talk:Test.png
MediaWiki MediaWiki:Sidebar MediaWiki talk:Sidebar
Template Template:tem Template talk:tem
Help Help:Article Help talk:Article
Category Category:Top-level categories Category talk:Top-level categories

Talk page actions and procedures

Starting a discussion

On all talk pages, it is helpful to divide up the page into sections based on the topic of the discussion. There are two ways to do this:

  1. click the "Add Topic" or the "+" on the top of a talk page. There will be a field called "Subject/headline:" to put in the topic title.
  2. edit the pages, and begin the topic with ==== Section Headers. ====

Then place in the text, and sign off with 4 tildes, ~~~~.

Continuing a discussion

To continue a discussion,

  • click "edit" at the top of the page, or click [edit] of the topic name.
  • and then, in the discussion itself, place colons at the beginning of your contribution, with the ideal number being either one more than the person above or 0 if there are too many in the above contribution.

Then, like above, place in the text, and sign off with 4 tildes, ~~~~.

Ending a discussion

The only way to end a discussion is to allow it to come to an end naturally. A discussion could die off mysteriously, be revised by an interested contributor, or even go on for months at a time.

However, please do not contribute to a archive page. Instead, go to the current page of, start a new topic and link back to discussion in the archive.

Linking to a discussion

To link to a discussion, place a pound symbol (#) after the full title of the page (including namespace, if applicable) you wish to link to, followed by the topic title with underscores (_) in the place of spaces. If the link is on the same page as where are linking is taking place, then the title of the page maybe omitted.

For Example, this is a section is called "Linking to a discussion". With underscores, that becomes "Linking_to_a_discussion".

  • To link to this section from outside this page, then link to the title "Help:Talk Pages", followed by a # and the text above. This looks like [[Help:Talk Pages#Linking_to_a_discussion]] whchi comes out as Help:Talk Pages#Linking_to_a_discussion
  • To link into it from within the page, omit the title and you get [[#Linking_to_a_discussion]] which comes out as #Linking_to_a_discussion

In addition, you can change the link text that appears by using a vertical bar (|), followed by what text you want to see. For example, [[#Linking_to_a_discussion|This is a link]] comes out as This is a link.

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