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Uniracers NA box.jpg
Developer(s): Nintendo of America
DMA Design
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Category: Racing
Players: 1-2
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: December 1994
Europe: April 27, 1995

Uniracers (released in Europe as Unirally) is a racing game released for the SNES, developed in collaboration between Nintendo and DMA Design. Originally known as "1x1" in development and intended to be a platforming game[1], the game was released in North America in late 1994, and in Europe in early 1995.

Soon after the game was released, DMA Design was sued by Pixar, who claimed that the game's unicycles (originally CG-rendered) infringed on their 1987 short film Red's Dream. Pixar won the suit, forcing Nintendo to terminate production of additional Uniracers Game Paks.[1]


Out-of-control speed plus outrageous stunts equals Uniracers fun!

Single-wheeled and single-minded, Uniracers are the best at what they do: accelerate to screen-blurring speed! They're also awesome at pulling flips, twists, turns and catching monster air off of the many mondo ramps, hills and half pipes of their race track worlds. The more outrageous the stunt, the faster the Uniracer goes! The sky's the limit!

Racing is the entire purpose of a Uniracer's existence. You can race against the clock, against friends head-to-head or in a custom tournament. Challenge the mysterious ghost bike to become the uni-versal champion! It's one of the fastest races on the Super NES yet!

  • Customize your own Uniracer!
  • Race solo against the clock or computer, go head-to-head with a friend, or form groups with up to eight players for a tournament challenge!
  • Negotiate amazing obstacles including ice, glue, ramps and half pipes!
  • Super fast head-to-head competition!


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The preview Tour select screen in the pre-release footage from a Nintendo Power Previews #9 commercial.
  • The game might have been in development for Nintendo 64, as alluded by an "Ultra 64" logo in an early preview advert for the game, a codename for the console then in development. The same screen also contains cameos of various Nintendo characters.

Technical details

Technical details
Media: SNES Game Pak
Input / compatible controllers: SNES Controller

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