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User:Torchickens/Miscellaneous Nintendo lists

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All of these lists are very small at the moment.

List of Nintendo controversies[edit]

Animal Crossing Wild World review copy


Magazines related to Nintendo[edit]

I don't actually know many magazines, feel free to help if you like ^^ (or any of these sections).

I don't know what to do with these. I created the article Game Freak (magazine) as an outlier, but some of these third party ones might only belong in lists, though I don't know what would happen with covering Official Nintendo Magazine issues (not actually published by Nintendo if I remember rightly) for instance..

  • Famitsu
  • Official Nintendo Magazine (United Kingdom)
  • Official Nintendo Magazine (Australia/New Zealand) Nintendo Magazine System
  • Nintendo Dream
  • Nintendo Power
  • Game Freak (magazine)
  • Manga anthologies with side game etc. details (e.g. shogaku san-nensei)
  • Enterbrain Video Game Magazine