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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Dōbutsu no Mori: Happī Hōmu Dezainā
AC Happy Home Designer NA box.jpg
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: Creativity
Players: 1
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: September 25, 2015
Japan: July 30, 2015
Europe: October 2, 2015
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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a creativity-based game for Nintendo 3DS and a spin-off of Animal Crossing series, having players designing houses for the animals rather then living life in a village. The game launched alongside a series of amiibo cards, of which one is included with each retail copy of the game. Individual copies of the game are also sold alongside a bundle containing the also-launched Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer peripheral.



Nook's Homes Is Now Hiring!
Be the trendiest designer in a town full of animals.

Take requests, and create houses for your favorite Animal Crossing characters!
Choose from thousands of items to create your client's ideal living space.
Design dream homes–inside and out!
Transform downtown with shops, a hospital, and even a school.

Collect and connect! Expand your play with amiibo.
Design a custom home for the animal on the card.
Invite characters to the game, assign them roles in town, and save their home designs!

Nintendo website

Design your own Animal Crossing home

Show off your style by designing homes for all of your favorite Animal Crossing villagers! Use your creativity to design the perfect houses—inside and out—for both old and new friends. With the new amiibo cards, you can call your favorite villagers into the game.


  • Design the interior and exterior of hundreds of homes for animal villagers
  • Leave your decorative touch on the school, hospital and other public facilities
  • Collect and Connect - Collect and share amiibo cards of your favorite villagers, and invite them into your game
  • Tap amiibo cards to invite up to four characters into a room to hang out
  • Tap the amiibo cards of special characters to call in animals that would otherwise not appear in your game with requests


Players work for Nook's Homes, building and decorating homes for the animal villagers coming in that are fitting to their tastes. Players are not only able to decorate the interior of each house but also the exterior as well as being able to choose where the house will be built. Rather than the bottom screen being an inventory, it is instead given the function of being a floor plan. Players can select from a vast catalog of items for decorating, which unlocks new items over time.

By scanning amiibo cards, players can build a home for the animal on that card, as well as inviting animals to view another's home.

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Nintendo 3DS Game Card, digital download
Download size: 4,038 blocks
Supported features: Nintendo Network (Miiverse), amiibo (read only), StreetPass
Input / compatible controllers: Nintendo 3DS

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