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Game Boy Printer Paper

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Box art

The Game Boy Printer Paper, also known as Nintendo Game Boy Printer Paper are sheets of thermal paper designed for use with a Game Boy Printer. Individual sheets are adhesive-backed and 3.8 cm (1.5 in) in diameter. It is possible to peel the front of one sheet of the paper off, to use a sticker, usually after printing on to it.

The Game Boy Printer can print sheets on interaction with the Game Boy (or Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP), but only a limited number of games supported the Game Boy Printer (notably including the Game Boy Camera).

The Game Boy Printer Paper came in rolls, of which could have a white, yellow or blue tint. There are settings linking the Game Boy Printer and the Game Boy Printer Paper. The Game Boy Printer's job will take into consideration the number of sheets to print (between 0 and 255 with 0 meaning a line feed only), the margins, the palette, and the exposure setting (-25% darkness and +25% in the official manual).[1]

If the user needed to replace the Game Boy Printer Paper after running out or damaging it, it was also possible to purchase boxes only containing three rolls of the paper, rather than buying a bundle containing another Game Boy Printer.

According to the packaging of the stand-alone Game Boy Printer Paper release, one roll could support up to 180 pictures.



Front box art:


Back box art:

"Refill your Game Boy Printer with official Nintendo Game Boy printer paper. This package contains three rolls of special adhesive-backed paper - one each of white, yellow and blue. Up to 180 pictures can be printed from one roll.

Look for the Game Boy Printer accessory when you're ready to print out the snapshots taken with your Game Boy Camera. Special printer paper lets you turn your photos into stickers!

Sold Separately"


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