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List of Satellaview broadcasts

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This article is a list of Satellaview broadcasts.

Digital magazines

NintendoWiki logo.png  Main article: Satellaview magazines 

Games (Nintendo IP)

There are various ways to recognise a Nintendo IP in the list:

  • If the game is from an established Nintendo franchise (such as Super Mario or F-Zero).
  • If the game possesses a Nintendo copyright notice.
  • If the staff credits of a game involves Nintendo staff in its main development/production.
  • If the game has a presented by Nintendo notice or similar (example: Kodomo Chousa-Dan: Mighty Pockets)

A list of Satellaview games in general can also be found here.[1]

Game Tora no Ouana - HAL College Special series

These games were originally produced by students of HAL College of Technology & Design using the Game Processor hardware. Later in January 1996, they were released for special editions of the Satellaview's Game Tora no Ouana (ゲーム虎の大穴スペシャル) magazine series which covered lots of insider business information.



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