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SD Card

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An SD Card (Secure Digital Card) is a well-known storage device often used for storing files, often for a personal computer, smartphone or camera. It is not known whether Nintendo have ever produced their own SD Cards, as Nintendo's game consoles which support SD Cards expect SD Cards from external companies such as Toshiba and SanDisk.

Not all of Nintendo's newer consoles support a regular SD Card, but rather a microSD card. Content from the microSD card can however be attached to an adaptor to use it in the consoles with an SD Card slot.

On Nintendo consoles, SD Cards can be used to store games, downloadable content data, photos/pictures, music and videos.

Nintendo chose to assign downloaded game content on SD Cards to individual consoles/accounts. This means that moving one SD Card to another console is not enough to play the game. However, the System Transfer feature allows the player to assign the games to another system while disabling the games on the original system.

Supported consoles

Standard SD Card

MicroSD Cards

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