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Spitball Sparky

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Spitball Sparky
Spitball Sparky.png
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game & Watch
Players: 1
Release dates
N. America: 1984

Spitball Sparky is a Game & Watch game released as part of the Supercolor series on February 7, 1984. It is also one of the five main unlockable games in Game & Watch Gallery 3, unlocked after 40 stars and only available to play in Classic mode.


From the Back of the Box:

  • Move Sparky left and right to catch and shoot the ball. Hit a block to erase it. When all blocks are erased, the display is cleared.



As Sparky, the player has to shoot blocks by keeping a ball afloat with puffs of air, creating a game similar to Breakout or Arkanoid. The player earns a point for erasing a green block, two points for a blue block, and three points for a red block. When the player clears a display, they earn five points for every unit remaining on the bonus meter. The next display contains more blocks, with the maximum being 18. If six red blocks are in a display and the player hits all of them once to make them flash, the player is awarded 30 points. Eventually, blocks that require two hits to break appear, as well as unbreakable barriers that get in the player's way. If a ball falls to the bottom, the player receives a miss. At 300 points, any misses the player has are removed. The player receives a Game Over when they have three misses. On a side note, in Game B, blocks have the habit of disappearing briefly. The player needs to hit them while they are displayed. However, the flashing stops when the red blocks are erased.


  • One of Mr. Game & Watch's moves involves blowing a puff of air as his hands disappear, referencing Spitball Sparky.
  • In the Super Game Boy version of Game & Watch Gallery 3, the background of this game's pause menu is purple rather than black.


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