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Tsunagete Pikmin

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Tsunagete Pikmin
つなげて ピクミン
Tsunagete Pikmin screen.png
Developer(s): (Unknown)
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: e-Reader, Nintendo GameCube
Category: Puzzle, action
Copyrights: ©Nintendo
Release dates


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Tsunagete Pikmin (literally Connecting Pikmin) is an e-Reader application from the Pikmin Puzzle Cards-e series, requiring an e-Reader, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable, and a Japanese Nintendo GameCube with Pikmin 2.

The game requires the player to move around panels for Pikmin to walk on and reach the Research Pod. The player must avoid obstacles which can kill the Pikmin, and the game will end if a Pikmin dies.

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