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List of e-Reader applications

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This article is a list of e-Reader applications.


Licensed characters but published by Nintendo[edit]

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Tottoko Hamtaro games and character profiles[edit]

Also known collectively as Hamtaro Card-e, these include the following:[1][2]

Domo-kun no Fushigi Terebi[edit]

These were released with the "Winter Pack" series for Domo-kun no Fushigi Terebi. The series also includes character profile, fortune telling and music cards.[3]

  • 001: Alpine Ski (competition/game)
  • 002: Figure Skate (comptetition/game)
  • 003/004: Jump (competition/game)
  • 005/006: Snowboard (competition/game)
  • 007/008: Speed Skate (competition/game)
  • 009/010: Curling (competition/game)
  • 011: Domo-kun profile card A (profile)
  • 012: Domo-kun profile card B (profile)
  • 013: Usa-jii profile card A (profile)
  • 014: Usa-jii profile card B (profile)
  • 015: Ta-chan profile card A (profile)
  • 016: Ta-chan profile card B (profile)
  • 017: Shinobutomorio profile card A (profile)
  • 018: Shinobutomorio profile card B (profile)
  • 019: Kuma no Oyako profile card (profile)
  • 020: Domo-kun no Yume Uranai (fortune telling)
  • 021: Usa Jii no Chabashira Uranai (fortune telling)
  • 022: Ta-chan no Hanabira Uranai (fortune telling)
  • 023: Shinobutomorio no Card Uranai (fortune telling)
  • 024: Opening (music)
  • 025: Spotlight (music)
  • 026: Hit-chart (music)
  • 027: Golden Time (music)
  • 028: Breakthrough (music)
  • 029: Atashi, Tachan (music)
  • 030: Koro Koro Domo (game)
  • ???: Meisou Domo (game)

General Nintendo[edit]

Game & Watch series[edit]

Super Mario series[edit]

Mario Party-e minigames (Thanks Super Mario Wiki)

Free Challenge Minigames[edit]

Wonder Challenge Minigames[edit]

Duel Challenge Minigames[edit]

Kirby series[edit]

Pikmin series[edit]

The following minigames require a Japanese e-Reader, a Game Boy Advance (with Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable) or Game Boy Player, and a Japanese Nintendo GameCube, as well as the relevant Pikmin-e Cards. (Thanks Pikipedia)

Pokémon series[edit]

The following minigames are from scanning cards from the following Pokémon Trading Card Game sets: Expedition Base Set, Aquapolis, Skyridge, other promotional cards. (Thanks Bulbapedia)

NES Classics[edit]

Add-on content[edit]

Minor purpose[edit]


  • Kirby Contest Cards: Would state whether the player was a winner or not.


Expedition Base Set[edit]

  • Chansey card: Coin toss
  • Bill's Maintanence card: Coin toss
  • Professor Elm's Training card: Kitchen timer
  • Professor Oak's Research card: Duel timer


  • Haunter card: The player can move around a Haunter
  • Teddiursa card: The player can move around a Teddiursa

Japan P Promo[edit]

  • Pikachu card: The player can move around a Pikachu

Use currently undocumented here[edit]

  • Rockman.EXE and Rockman Zero 3 cards


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