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Wing Island

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Wing Island
Wing Island EU box.png
Developer(s): CAProduction
Publisher(s): Hudson Soft (Japan)
Konami (North America)
Nintendo (Europe)
Platform: Wii
Category: Amateur flight simulation
Predecessor: (Unknown)
Successor: (Unknown)
Release dates
N. America: March 23, 2007
Japan: December 2, 2006
Europe: April 13, 2007
Australia: March 29, 2007
©2006/7 Hudson Soft
©2006 Nintendo (European version)

Wing Island is a third party Wii amateur flight simulation game described by Hudson Soft as inspired by (but not part of) the Pilotwings series. In Europe, it was published by Nintendo, though not in Japan or North America.


Using the Wii Remote, the player controls a plane and takes part in various challenges such as popping balloons, delivering goods and fire fighting. The game features various pilots based on birds, but on the North American box art no birds are included on the plane, and the plane has a different design.


The game sold 800 copies in Japan on the launch of the Wii, which is considered relatively very low, considering Wii Sports sold 176,167 copies over two days.[1]


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