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1080° Snowboarding

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1080° Snowboarding
テン・エイティ スノーボーディング
1080 Snowboarding.jpg
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Category: Snowboarding
Players: 1-2
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: 1080° Avalanche
Release dates
N. America: March 31, 1998
Japan: February 28, 1998
Europe: October 9, 1998
Australia: October 9, 1998
PEGI: 3+
©1998 Nintendo

1080° Snowboarding is a game for Nintendo 64, announced in November 1997. It is the first game in the 1080° series.It won an Interactive Achievement Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.



You’re taking a Tahoe 155 snowboard down a steep, bumpy incline at night and you’re about to top off an Indy Nosebone with a 360° Air, and you haven’t even left your living room! You’re Playing 1080° (Ten Eighty) Snowboarding, a game so intense you’ll be brushing the snow off your goggles. With five different boarders, eight different Lamar snowboards, more than 25 tricks, a Half-Pipe and six different courses, this is as close as you’ll get to the real thing without hopping on the next ski lift. * Six game modes and courses! * 2-Player simultaneous play! * Over 25 different tricks! * Compatible with Rumble Pak accessory.

Nintendo website (Wii) / Wii Shop Channel

Prepare to experience the thrills and chills of the ultimate extreme sport in 1080° Snowboarding.

Whether you're sticking a Stalefish in the half pipe or a 720 Air in a raging blizzard, this Nintendo 64 classic offers one of the most accurate yet accessible snowboarding simulations around – all from the warmth of your living room! The analogue Control Stick was one of the most striking innovations introduced by the Nintendo 64, and few games demonstrate its appeal as well as 1080° Snowboarding. The precise controls allow this game to highlight the depth and thrill of snowboarding on steep, dangerous slopes while allowing you to pull off grab and spin tricks with ease! There are eight courses to master, with some modes dedicated to snowboard races, while other modes focus on performing impressive tricks, including the famous "1080°" spin. Get ready to shred the slopes with 1080° Snowboarding!

Nintendo website (Wii U)

Hit the slopes for some serious shredding!

Get ready to experience one of the first truly realistic snowboarding games ever created! Select from five characters, each with their own attributes and special tricks. Pick a snowboard that best suits your rider, and then head down the mountain and feel the sensation of speed that'll make you forget all about the cold!


The player takes control of a snowboarder in three different racing modes (time attack, race, multiplayer) and two special modes known as "trick modes", in which the player must perform specific stunts on their snowboard. There are 5 playable characters available from the beginning, with 3 unlockable hidden characters.

Technical details[edit]

Technical Details

Nintendo 64 Game Pak
Digital download (Wii, Wii U)

Download size

Wii: Unknown
Wii U: Unknown

Save data size

Wii: 1 block
Wii U:

Supported features

Rumble Pak

Input / compatible controllers

N64: Nintendo 64 Controller
Wii: Classic Controller, Nintendo GameCube Controller
Wii U: Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Classic Controller

Other releases[edit]

Title Box art Platform Release date(s) Notes
1080° Snowboarding Nintendo 64 (Player's Choice) NA: January 1st, 1999
EU/AUS: Unknown
A re-release of the game as part of the Player's Choice line, sold at a reduced price.

1080° Snowboarding Wii (Virtual Console) JP: January 15th, 2008
EU: January 18th, 2008
AU: January 18th, 2008
NA: January 28th, 2008
KR: December 16th, 2008
A port of the game released as a digital download on the Wii Shop Channel.

1080° Snowboarding Wii U (Virtual Console) NA: December 31st, 2015
EU: December 31st, 2015
JP: January 20th, 2016
A port of the game released as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, with added Virtual Console emulator features.

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