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Rumble (feature)

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Rumble redirects here. For the sub-series known as the Pokémon Rumble series, see here.

Rumble is a feature in Nintendo games, causing the controller, console or game to vibrate when something worthy of attention/important happens in the game.

Rumble hardware

The Nintendo GameCube Controller, and the Wii Remote, Wii U GamePad, Joy-Cons on a Nintendo Switch (HD Rumble; a more advanced form of Rumble specific to Nintendo Switch) have the rumble feature built-in to them. Note, the built-in console/controller for the Nintendo Switch Lite does not support Rumble, although it is still possible to use Rumble with Joy-Cons, but not native to the console.[1]

Compatible games (such as those in the Super Smash Bros. series) can access this feature. It may be possible to turn the rumble feature off, either for the software or the controller itself. For the Wii Remote, this is possible through the Wii Remote Settings menu.[2]

The Game Boy Player (Nintendo GameCube) adds special support to some Game Boy Advance games, giving them a Rumble feature. These are listed under the examples header, below.

Rumble Paks

A Rumble Pak feature is a special Nintendo 64 peripheral which is added as an extension to the controller, enabling the Rumble feature (see Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak). It may also refer to a type of Nintendo Game Pak with a Rumble feature built-in to the cartridge, or a cartridge that supports the Rumble feature through an external peripheral/hardware (such as the Game Boy Player, mentioned above).

Games using a Rumble Pak have been released for Nintendo 64, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance.

Later, the Rumble feature usually has become a feature of the console/hardware itself, rather than being built-in to the cartridge.


Nintendo 64

Via the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak:

Game Boy Color

Special Game Pak type:

Game Boy Advance

Special Game Pak type:

(Note: The two games above were originally restricted to Japan and North America. Drill Dozer was later released in Europe and Australia via the Nintendo eShop Wii U Virtual Console, where it supports the Rumble feature from the Wii U's controller instead.)

Via Game Boy Player:

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Option Paks:

The Nintendo DS Rumble Pak is compatible with:


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