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Star Fox Command

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Star Fox Command
スターフォックス コマンド
Star Fox Command.jpg
Developer(s): Q-Games
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: Action
Players: 1-8
Release dates
N. America: August 28, 2006
Japan: August 3, 2006
Europe: January 26, 2007
Australia: September 21, 2006
ESRB: E10+
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The game is like a strategic dog-fighting game. You first move in to clouded area's to find your target and then you fight in a arena like environment depending on the place (in a tundra etc.) You use the stylus to pilot your ship and button's on the side to flip lay down bombs on area's of the map and reverse your flying (if your flying west you now fly east vis versa).


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