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Star Fox 2

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Star Fox 2
Sutā Fokkusu Tsū
Star Fox 2 NA box.jpg
North American box art created to promote the Super NES Classic Edition release.
Developer(s): Argonaut Software
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Category: On-rails shooter
Players: 1
Predecessor: Star Fox
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: September 29, 2017[1]
Japan: October 5, 2017[2]
Europe: September 29, 2017[3]
Australia: September 30, 2017[4]
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Star Fox 2 is a previously unreleased sequel to the original Star Fox, developed for the SNES. While the game was fully completed[5] and scheduled for release in summer of 1995, the game was ultimately cancelled. Had it been released as planned, Star Fox 2 would have been the first game to use the Super FX 2 chip for improved 3D graphics.

Years later, a ROM for an alpha build of Star Fox 2 would be released to the public on the internet. This would later be followed by a ROM for a near-final build of the game. Elements from this game have also been carried over to future games, namely Star Fox 64, which would incorporate all-range mode and Star Wolf, and the Walker would finally make an appearance in Star Fox Zero. After over twenty years, however, Star Fox 2 was officially released as one of the games included in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition, releasing in September 2017; the game can be unlocked by clearing the first stage of the original Star Fox.[1]


After his original defeat, Andross has invaded the Lylat system again and intends on using his army to destroy the planet Corneria. General Pepper hires the Star Fox team to take out his army, in addition to supplying them with two new recruits: Miyu and Fay. Star Fox team must now take on Andross's army, including rival team Star Wolf, and repel him from Lylat.


Gameplay involves players traveling around the Lylat system and destroying Andross's army while at the same time defending Corneria from attack. At the beginning of the game, players can select from one of six playable characters in, each flying one of three types of Arwings which have different stats. These include Fox and Falco, Slippy and Peppy, and new characters Miyu and Fay.

Star Fox 2 is more strategy-oriented than its predecessor; instead of moving through a linear path from stage to stage, players can instead travel freely across the Lylat system and complete each mission in any order. Enemy units and missiles move across the map in real time, and players can leave a mission at any point to start another one. Combat gameplay is similar to the original Star Fox, with players moving along a set path and shooting down enemies along it. However, for certain missions the player is given full 3D movement.


According to comments in the game's code, Star Fox 2 began development in February 1993, soon after the original game had been completed.[6] Nintendo would first show the game at the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show.[6] Following this initial showing, rumors began circulating that the game had been delayed to 1996, and in the September 1995 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly the game was said to be cancelled, though the September 1995 issue of Nintendo Power stated that the claims of cancellation were false.[6] However, the game was never shown after that, and by 1996 Nintendo had begun showcasing Star Fox 64 for the upcoming Nintendo 64 hardware.[6]

Star Fox 2 was fully completed and ready for release in 1995 before its cancellation.[5][7] According to Dylan Cuthbert, Star Fox 2 was canceled due to the upcoming release of the Nintendo 64 (originally intended to be released sooner than it was), as Shigeru Miyamoto wanted "a clean break between 3D games on the SNES and 3D games on the new superior 64 bit system."[6], and to avoid negative comparisons with the competing PlayStation and Sega Saturn consoles, which had more advanced 3D capabilities than the Super FX chip.[6][8] Miyamoto has also said that the game was never released due to the price increase that would come with implementing the Super FX 2 chip.[7] According to him, Star Fox 2 was made one of the games on the Super NES Classic Edition because the system's producer wanted to include the game, as it had been fully completed and tested and, "it would be a waste not to put it out in the world."[7]

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Digital built-in
Input / compatible controllers: Classic Controller

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