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1080° series

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1080° logo.png
Creator: Nintendo
First game: 1080° Snowboarding (1998)
Latest game: 1080° Avalanche (2003/4)
For in-depth information:
is dedicated to chronicling the 1080° series.
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is another wiki dedicated to {{{niwa2-purpose}}} the 1080° series.

A series of snowboarding games based on the extreme sports genre with two installments — 1080° Snowboarding and 1080° Avalanche.


Game JP release NA release EU release AUS release KOR release Platform
Main Games
1080° Snowboarding 1998 1998 1998 N/A 2008 Nintendo 64
1080° Snowboarding 2 Unreleased N/A N/A N/A N/A Nintendo 64
1080° Avalanche 2004 2003 2003 N/A N/A Nintendo GameCube

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1080° Snowboarding  • 1080° Snowboarding 2 (cancelled)  • 1080° Avalanche
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