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Pushmo series

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Pushmo logo.png
Creator: Toru Narihiro
First game: Pushmo (2011)
Latest game: Stretchmo (2015)
For in-depth information:
is dedicated to chronicling the Pushmo series.
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is another wiki dedicated to {{{niwa2-purpose}}} the Pushmo series.

The Pushmo series (Pullblox outside of North America and Japan) is a series of download puzzle games created by Intelligent Systems. The core gameplay of Pushmo revolves around pulling and pushing on parts of a stage in order to reach the goal at the top, while each game introduces its own unique gameplay elements.

The series began in 2011, with the release of Pushmo for the Nintendo 3DS eShop It was well received by critics and fans, and thusly shifted a large amount of copies. The game would later receive three sequels, two also for Nintendo 3DS and the other for Wii U. The games are no longer available to download, as the 3DS and Wii U eshop closed on March 27th, 2023, but players who purchased them before this date can re-download them after.


Game JP release NA release EU release AUS release KOR release Platform
Pushmo 2011 2011 2011 N/A N/A Nintendo 3DS
Crashmo 2012 2012 2012 N/A N/A Nintendo 3DS
Pushmo World 2014 2014 2014 N/A N/A Wii U
Stretchmo 2015 2015 2015 N/A N/A Nintendo 3DS


Pushmo series logo
Pushmo • Crashmo • Pushmo World • Stretchmo
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