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Game Boy Memory Cartridge

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A GB Memory Cartridge box

The Game Boy Memory Cartridge, also referred to as the GB Memory Cartridge is an official Nintendo flash cartridge Game Pak for the Game Boy or Game Boy Color. As with most Game Boy games, a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP can also be used to run the cartridge and play the game(s) inside.

The cartridges were designed for the Japan-only Nintendo Power cartridge service and come with special sticker spaces for the player to make note of the games they installed onto the cartridge. The Super Famicom Memory Cassettes were released for the same service.

On some Game Boy Memory Cartridges (including prewritten cartridges), there is no firmware menu and the game installed on to the cartridge will boot up immediately after powering on the Game Boy. Furthermore, there were a number of prewritten cartridges packaged with their own sticker on the GB Memory Cartridge box, such as Balloon Fight GB (also part of a promotion that included a special, physical badge for the game) and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.

Others use a special menu (with news information at the bottom of the screen), with an appearance and music which differs depending on whether a regular Game Boy system/Super Game Boy or the Game Boy Color was used.

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