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Nintendo Power (cartridge service)

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Not to be confused with Nintendo Power magazine

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The Nintendo Power cartridge service was a service for downloading new games on to special flash RAM cartridges, including the Game Boy Memory Cartridge for the Game Boy line and the Super Famicom Memory Cassette for the Super Famicom, typically for cheaper than the standard retail price.

The service operated in Japanese Lawson convenience stores, using a special Loppi Nintendo Power copier device. On August 31, 2001, the service was partially terminated and players would need to send their cartridges directly to Nintendo to install new games.

On February 28, 2007, the service was terminated completely.

(Formally) exclusive Nintendo-published titles[edit]

Game Boy Memory Cartridge[edit]

Super Famicom Memory Cassette[edit]

*: Re-released on Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop Virtual Console. The former is an enhancement of Balloon Kid only released in Japan.

**: Re-released on Japanese Wii Shop Channel and Wii U eShop Virtual Console

***: Re-released on at least Japanese Wii U Virtual Console

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