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NintendoWiki:Stuff to Do

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This is a wiki-wide to-do list. Anybody can add stuff to the list, and anyone can do what is on this list.

Please Strikethrough (<s>) stuff you have taken care of. It helps keep track of stuff

  1. Find and upload the following graphics:
    • Buttons for the controllers
    • Nintendo Seal of Quality
    • Ratings graphics (ESRB, etc.) Taken care of ACB ratings
    • Flags of the countries
    • Player's Choice
    • Icons for input and delivery methods like Super Mario Wiki has
    • Multiple selectable box arts like WiKirby has
  2. Add more companies to the following categories

Articles to expand

Need an idea of something to work on? Well, you are in luck because this is what this page is for.

These list are all automatically generated, based on membership in specific categories. If you are looking for something to do, just grab a list, and work on the articles in the list.

And if none of them suit you, just refresh the page, and all new lists are generated.

Feel Free to add new lists to this page. If you have any questions on the DynamicPageLists work, just ask on the discussion page.

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