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Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Game Boy and enhanced non-Restore Point emulator

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The Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Game Boy and enhanced non-Restore Point emulator, also known as the newer emulator (Game Boy) is an official Game Boy Color emulator for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, without Restore Point support but with multiplayer support only between two Nintendo 3DS family consoles of the same (or compatible) region. It is used for DMG and DMG (Color-enhanced) games.

Game Boy Color bootstrap ROM support exists of sorts, but only for Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions. There is no Game Boy or Game Boy Color start-up screen. Pokémon Red and Green Versions, Pokémon Red and Blue Versions, Pokémon Blue Version (Japanese) and the Japanese version of Pokémon Yellow Version are still black and white or pea green. As official emulators before it, there is no Super Game Boy support.

A hidden setting allows the player to add an original Game Boy or Game Boy Color border.

This emulator was only officially used for every core Game Boy and Game Boy (DMG (Color-enhanced)) Pokémon games, apart from Pokémon Crystal Version which is CGB and uses Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Game Boy Color non-Restore Point emulator.

This emulator supports Poké Transporter and Pokémon Bank.

Technical details/emulation errors

In order to get multiplayer to work on Pokémon, the ROMs were hacked, in addition to removing unneeded code (e.g. for Game Boy Printer, which is not supported). There is a new Touch Screen interface for multiplayer.

There is a glitch only in the Virtual Console versions documented by LadyKrimZen to mass clone Pokémon involving Poké Transporter/Pokémon Bank. Potentially was it patched(?).

Furthermore, a vulnerability was found by YouTube channel ChickasaurusGL (User:Torchickens) to force close the game and bring up an error message on the Nintendo 3DS HOME menu via a glitch map in Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions, but it was never properly analyzed. As this is a grey area, NintendoWiki will not go into any more specifics.

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