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Hyrule Warriors

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Hyrule Warriors
ゼルダ 無双
Zeruda Musō
Hyrule Warriors NA box.jpg
North American box art
Developer(s): Omega Force
Team Ninja
Publisher(s): WW: Nintendo
JP: Koei Tecmo
Platform: Wii U
Category: Action-adventure
Players: 1-2
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Release dates
N. America: September 26, 2014[1]
Japan: August 14, 2014[2]
Europe: September 19, 2014[3]
Australia: September 20, 2014[4]
ESRB: T[1]
CERO: B[2]
PEGI: 12[3]
USK: 12[5]
ACB: M[4]
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Hyrule Warriors is a non-canon spinoff of The Legend of Zelda series, produced by Koei Tecmo's Omega Force and Team Ninja in collaboration with Nintendo and released on Wii U in 2014. The game combines the gameplay of Koei's Dynasty Warriors franchise with the characters, settings, and other elements of The Legend of Zelda.



You Against an Army!
The world of The Legend of Zelda™ meets the massive-scale action of Dynasty Warriors!

  • Fight as your favorite characters on a battlefield teeming with foes!
  • Battle from the depths of the Water Temple to the heights of Skyloft!
  • Includes co-op play with the Wii U GamePad controller–no split-screen!

Official website

It's time to fight

The delicate balance of the Triforce has been disrupted by a dark power that could tear Hyrule Kingdom apart.

Join an elite band of heroes who must slash through wave after wave of enemies to defeat an evil sorceress.

Nintendo website

Cut down entire legions of enemies as Link, Zelda, Midna and other characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise using over-the-top powerful Dynasty Warriors-style moves. This tour de force through the beloved locales of Hyrule will have players battling some of the fiercest enemies in The Legend of Zelda history. Two players can play local co-op, with one player joining with the Wii U GamePad controller and another with the Wii U Pro Controller or Wii Remote + Nunchuk controllers (additional accessories are sold separately).


  • The delicate balance of the Triforce has been disrupted and Hyrule Kingdom is once again being torn apart by a dark power, this time led by Sorceress Cia.
  • Heroic Link carves through a huge onslaught of enemies as he executes flashy moves with combat attacks. This also marks the first time that many other iconic characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise are playable for any length of time, including Princess Zelda, Impa and Midna.
  • Protect and reclaim recognizable landmarks from multiple games in The Legend of Zelda series, including such classic areas like Hyrule Field and the Palace of Twilight.
  • Push back armies of classic enemies from The Legend of Zelda, as well as powerful enemies making their debuts in Hyrule Warriors.
  • Advance the story to unlock new playable characters, each with unique moves and weapon types. Collect Rupees and other useful items to upgrade weapons and craft badges, which players can use to bolster each warrior's abilities.
  • Two warriors are better than one: Battle armies with a friend using local co-op mode, with one person playing on the TV and the other on the GamePad, providing each player with his or her own screen.

Nintendo eShop

Cut down entire legions of enemies as Link™, Midna, and other Legend of Zelda™ characters using the over-the-top powerful Dynasty-Warriors-style moves. This tour de force through the beloved locales of Hyrule will have you battling the fiercest enemies in Zelda history. Collect materials and rupees to enhance your character, upgrade weapons, and dominate.

The delicate balance of the Triforce has been disrupted, and Hyrule Kingdom is once again being torn apart by a dark power, this time led by Sorceress Cia. Now it's up to the legendary hero Link to face hordes of enemies and find missing Princess Zelda.

Advance the story to unlock new playable characters, each with unique moves and weapon types. If the going gets tough, grab a friend to help you get through the story in a local 2-player co-op mode where, thanks to the Wii U™ GamePad controller, there's no split screen in sight!


A long time ago, a sorceress named Cia guarded the balance of the Triforce, but a darkness corrupted her, leading her to wage war against the kingdom of Hyrule to claim the Triforce and resurrect a dark power that had been sealed away. In an attack on Hyrule Castle, a soldier-in-training Link discovers that he possesses the Triforce of Courage. After the battle, however, the Hyrulean forces find that Princess Zelda has gone missing. Link, Impa, and other allies must now fight off Cia and her forces in order to restore peace to Hyrule and find Zelda.


The gameplay of Hyrule Warriors is mostly the same as the standard gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series; as such, the game places an emphasis on combat more than adventure and puzzle-solving like in traditional The Legend of Zelda games. Including the downloadable content, Hyrule Warriors features 21 playable characters, several of which are taken from previous, well-known The Legend of Zelda games, including Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.

Each scenario takes place on a battlefield based upon locations from various The Legend of Zelda games, in which the player must defeat large amounts of enemies at a time and conquer enemies bases while protecting their own bases from the enemy forces. Attacks consist of regular attacks, which can be chained together, and strong attacks, which are generally used to end a combo of regular attacks. Also available for use are series traditional items such as Bombs, the Boomerang, and the Bow and Arrow, which allow players to attack and discover secrets on the battlefield. Each character is also given a Special Technique which can be used by filling a yellow gauge, and can enter into "Focus Spirit" mode, which boosts the character's stats for a time, by filling the green gauge.

Four modes are available in the game: Legends Mode, which is the main story mode; Free Mode, in which the player can replay the Legends Mode scenarios as any playable character; Adventure Mode, in which the player goes around a map inspired by the original The Legend of Zelda, completing scenarios on each square; Challenge Mode, in which the player must clear special scenarios. The game also feature two player co-op play, using both the television and Wii U GamePad screens as separate screens rather than splitting the TV screen.

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Wii U Game Disc
Digital download
Download size: Wii U: 8070.9 MB
Nintendo Switch: 12.9 GB
Save data size: Save data: 70680 KB
Update save data: 736 MB
Supported features: Nintendo Network (Miiverse), amiibo (read only), Off-TV Play, 2-player local multiplayer
Input / compatible controllers: Wii U: Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote + Nunchuk
Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Additional content


List of updates
Version no. Release date(s) Description
1.1.0 JP: August 14, 2014 Bug fixes.
1.2.0 NA: September 26, 2014
JP: September 1, 2014
EU: September 19, 2014
Adds Challenge Mode, adds the BGM Settings option, adds the 8-bit Wooden Sword weapon, bug fixes.
1.2.1 September 26, 2014 Adds compatibility with the Dark Link costume for players that purchased the Hero of Hyrule DLC pack
1.3.0 JP: September 30, 2014
NA/EU: October 16, 2014[6]
Adds Cia, Volga, and Wizzro as playable characters; bug fixes.
1.4.0 November 27, 2014 Adds compatibility with amiibo, increases the maximum level to 150, adds additional mixtures to the Apothecary, increases the maximum number of each material to 999.
1.5.0 JP/EU: January 29, 2015
NA: February 5, 2015
Increases the maximum level to 200, adds additional medals, adds additional mixtures to the Apothecary, adds new Smithy functions.
1.6.0 JP/EU: February 26, 2015
NA: March 12, 2015
Increases the maximum level to 255, adds additional mixtures to the Apothecary, adds additional challenges for Challenge Mode.
1.6.1 JP/EU: March 26, 2015
NA: April 2, 2015
Bug fixes.
1.7.0 June 16, 2015 Adds the "Classic Tunic" costume for Link.
1.8.0 JP: January 21, 2016
WW: March 25, 2016
Adds compatibility with Hyrule Warriors Legends content.
1.8.1 JP: February 9, 2016 Fixes a bug related to scanning amiibo using the Wii U GamePad.
1.9.0 May 19, 2016 Adds Medli as a playable character.
1.10.0 June 30, 2016 Adds compatibility with the Link's Awakening Pack and the Legends Character Pack, bug fixes.
1.11.0 September 1, 2016 Adds compatibility with the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack, gameplay adjustments.
1.12.0 October 30, 2016 Adds compatibility with the A Link Between Worlds Pack, gameplay adjustments.

Downloadable content

Four main packs of downloadable content have been released, alongside a set of costume packs, while three additional content packs have been announced. The main packs can be purchased standalone, or in bundles for a combined price, which not only includes the four expansions but also a Dark Link costume (which can also be obtained by purchasing the packs individually).[7]

  • Hero of Hyrule Pack: Includes the following DLC (Note that downloading all of the DLC also earns the player a Dark Link costume for Link):
    • Master Quest Pack: Includes Master Quest Adventure Mode map, a set of Legends Mode missions featuring Cia, additional costumes for each character, additional weapons for every character, and a new illustration.
    • Twilight Princess Pack: Includes Twilight map for Adventure Mode, Twili Midna as a playable character, Postman and Ilia costumes for Link and Zelda respectively, and the Dominion Rod weapon for Zelda.
    • Majora's Mask Pack: Includes Termina Adventure Mode map, Tingle and Young Link as playable characters, and Ocarina of Time-based costumes for Impa and Shiek and a Skull Kid costume for Lana.
    • Boss Pack: Includes Boss Challenge mode, "Ganon's Fury" missions in Challenge Mode, and additional unlockable costumes.
  • Legends of Hyrule Pack: Includes the following DLC:
    • Link's Awakening Pack: Includes a new playable character and a new weapon for Linkle.
    • Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack: Includes a new playable character and a new weapon for Toon Link.
    • A Link Between Worlds Pack: Includes two new playable characters.
  • Legends Character Pack: Includes Linkle, King Daphnes, Toon Link, Tetra, and Skull Kid as playable characters as well as Ganondorf's Trident weapon for this version of the game.
  • Costume Sets: Four costume sets have been released, three originally retailer pre-order exclusives before all the packs were released on the Nintendo eShop:
    • Ocarina of Time Costume Set: Originally GameStop exclusive, gives Link and Zelda costumes of their Ocarina of Time adult appearances
    • Skyward Sword Costume Set: Originally Best Buy exclusive, gives Link and Zelda costumes of their Skyward Sword appearances
    • Twilight Princess Costume Set: Originally Amazon exclusive, gives Link and Zelda costumes of their Twilight Princess appearances
    • Demon King Costume Set: Originally exclusive to Club Nintendo members who registered the game within four weeks of release; gives Ganondorf costumes of his Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess appearances.

Other releases

Title Cover art Platform Release date(s) Notes
Hyrule Warriors Legends Hyrule Warriors Legends NA box.jpg Nintendo 3DS NA: March 25, 2016
JP: Jan. 21, 2016
EU: March 24, 2016
AUS: March 24, 2016
KOR: April 21, 2016
A handheld version of the game featuring additional content and all of the original game's DLC.
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
(ゼルダ無双 ハイラルオールスターズ DX)
Hyrule Warriros Definitive Edition NA box.jpg Nintendo Switch WW: May 18, 2018[8][9][10]
JP/KOR: March 22, 2018[11][12]
A port of the game featuring all content from Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, as well as new bonus costumes.


External links


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