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Club Nintendo

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The logo of Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo was a Nintendo rewards/loyalty program. It is now defunct and was succeeded by My Nintendo.


Players could register an account online to access promotional Nintendo items. Most items were physical products like posters, clothes, and other commemorative accessories. However, special controllers were also released such as Gold Nunchuks, gold and character themed Wii Wheels, and character themed GameCube controllers. Club Nintendo also had video game sound-tracks available. (such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Official Soundtrack)

Exclusive Games

Physical games:

Digital games:

The items available in the Club Nintendo shop varied based on region. Some items were available for free, while others were available with virtual currency/points earned by registering games the player owns. For retail games, Club Nintendo inserts were included with compatible games and consoles where the player could scratch off a code to register it and earn a specific number of points based on the item.

Many other nonexclusive games were also sold on Club Nintendo, these games mainly consisted of both new and retro WiiWare, DSIWare, and 3DS Virtual Console software.

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