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Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Sūpā Famikon スーパーファミコン
SNES logo.png
North American Super Nintendo Entertainment System with controller
No. of games ~1500
No. of launch titles JP: 2
NA: 5
EU: 3
Best-selling game Super Mario World (20.60 million)
Last game NA: Frogger (1998)
JP: Metal Slader Glory: Director's Cut (11/29/2000)
Technical details
Media Super Nintendo Entertainment System Game Pak
Storage capacity 128 Kb RAM
CPU 3.58 MHz Ricoh 5A22
Model no. SNS-001
Can connect with Satellaview
Input SNES Controller, Super Scope, SNES Mouse, Score Master
Backwards compatible with N/A
Services provided Nintendo Power, Satellaview
Launch date NA: September 9, 1991
JP: November 21, 1990
EU: June 6, 1992
AUS: July 3, 1992
KOR: 1990
Discontinue date JP: September 2003[1]
NA: 1999
KOR: 2003
Units sold WW: 49.10 million[2]
NA: 23.35 million[3]
JP: 17.17 million[3]
Predecessor Successor
Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo 64

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (abbreviated as SNES and Super NES or commonly Super Nintendo) is a 16-bit video game console created by Nintendo. It is the successor to the original Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom and Nintendo's entry into the 16-bit era, primarily competing with Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis console.

The system was originally released in Japan on November 21, 1990, as the Super Famicom. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in America on August 13, 1991, and later in Europe in April, 1991 and in Australia in July, 1991. The SNES was released in South Korea as the Super Comboy by Hyundai Electronics, due to the country's embargo on Japanese products at the time. Unlike the Comboy, which was a rebranded American NES, the Super Comboy was a rebranded European/Japanese SNES.

Despite its later release compared to its competitors and significantly lower sales than the original Famicom / NES, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was the best-selling console of its time, selling over 49 million units worldwide in its lifespan (outselling Sega's console by around 19 million unis). The console was discontinued in Europe and North America in 1999, while in Japan the console continued production until September 2003. The SNES was followed by the Nintendo 64 in 1996.




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