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Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

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Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition
NES Classic Edition logo.png
NES Classic Edition.png
Technical details
Media Digital built-in titles
Storage capacity SK hynix 256 MB DDR3 RAM
Spansion 512 MB SLC NAND flash memory, TSOP48
CPU Allwinner R16 SoC
Model no. CLV-001[1]
Can connect with N/A
Input Classic Controller
Backwards compatible with N/A
Services provided N/A
Launch date NA: November 11, 2016[2]
EU: November 11, 2016[3]
AUS: November 10, 2016[4]
Discontinue date WW: April 2017[5][6][7]
Units sold NA: 223,000[8]
Predecessor Successor
N/A Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition

The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (released in Europe as Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System[3]) is a miniature recreation of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, released on November 11, 2016 in the U.S. and Europe.[3][9]

For Japan, Nintendo would later announce the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer, a Family Computer equivalent to this iteration of the system.[10]


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In April 2017, a Nintendo of America representative reported that the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition was being discontinued, and that final shipments would be sent out to retailers throughout the month.[5] Soon after, the same news would be confirmed for the Australian market, after retailers in the region had confirmed that they would not be receiving more stock[6], and even later Nintendo would confirm the news in Europe.[7] Nintendo would later state the NES Classic Edition was only meant to be a holiday product, with demand prompting them to produce further shipments[5][11] Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé would also suggest that the system was cancelled to focus on other products going into the future.[11]

In September 2017, Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition would be brought back with new shipments beginning in summer 2018.[12] The system was later announced to be in stock starting on June 29, and both it and the Super NES Classic Edition are expected to remain in stock through 2018.[13][14][15]


The NES Classics Edition is a miniature "plug and play" Model No. NES-001 Nintendo Entertainment System which can play a set of built-in NES games. The system cannot play NES Game Paks, however, only the installed titles.[3] The system outputs a high-definition video signal through HDMI, and uses a USB-based AC Adapter (note that an adapter does not come with the European version of the console[16]) that connects to the console through a micro USB port.[1]

Like the original, the system features two controller ports, which are the same model as the Wii Remote's expansion port. The system comes with an NES Classic Controller, based on the original controller, but any other model of the Classic Controller can also be used.[17]

The main menu.

Turning on the console, the player is taken to the main menu, where they are able to choose one of the thirty games to play out of a list. By pressing Select on the controller, the player is able to sort the games list in various orders[18], including alphabetically, in original release order, by publisher, by most recently played, the number of times played, and by 2-player games.[19] Finally, if the player remains idle for long enough, the system will enter into "Demo" mode, in which the player is given a tour of the 30 games on the system.[19]

Each of the games has multiple suspend points, allowing the player to stop playing and resume from where they left off.[17] Pressing the Reset button on the console during play returns the player to the main menu, where they are able to save their current progress as a restore point and start a different game. Each title has four suspend points each.[18] Suspend points can also be "locked" by pressing down on the controller when hovering over one, preventing that restore point from being saved over.[19] The player is also able to choose from three different display settings: a simulated CRT display mode, the normal 4:3 mode, and a "pixel perfect" setting.[20][21]

In addition to this, the player is also able to access suspend points by pressing down and the menu on the top of the screen. Among these features is the ability to change display settings, a general "Settings" menu that allows the player to enable or disable demo mode, screen burn-in reduction, and auto-shutdown, the "Legal Notices" menu, and an option to change the system's language display. Also available is the manuals, which, instead of displaying the manual on the television, instead displays a QR code, allowing the player to scan it and view digital scans of the original game manuals on a different device.[22][19]

System specs

  • Components:[23]
    • System-on-chip: Allwinner R16 (4x Cortex A7, Mali400MP2 GPU)
    • RAM: SKHynix (256MB DDR3)
    • Flash: Spansion 512MB SLC NAND flash, TSOP48
    • PMU: AXP223
  • Output: HDMI (1080p)


The NES Classic Edition comes with 30 built-in titles:[3][9]

As a standalone device, the NES Classic Edition can only play the included games. NES Game Paks are not supported, and additional games cannot be purchased or transferred onto the system.[24]


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