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Yoshi Sample

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Yoshi Sample
Yoshi Sample.png
Yoshi Sample start screen
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Category: Platformer
Players: 1
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
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Yoshi Sample is a 2D platforming game and tech demo for the Game Boy Advance. Based on the Nintendo 64 title Yoshi's Story, the demo was showcased alongside the reveal of the system as a showcase of the system's graphical capabilities, and would later be included with software development kits.


Yoshi Sample consists of a single level with no ending, instead looping once the player reaches a certain point. The demo starts on a screen that rotates around Yoshi's Island, which cuts to the start of the stage. Stage gameplay is similar to Yoshi's Story. Unlike other Yoshi titles, Yoshi cannot swallow enemies and create eggs; enemies can only be defeated by jumping on them. Instead, the eggs that appear behind Yoshi correlate to Yoshi's health, represented by the flower petal health meter from Yoshi's Story. If Yoshi is hit by an enemy, petals will fall from the flower, and Yoshi will lose an egg. Hitting the blocks that appear in the level will spawn a balloon, which Yoshi can ground pound to obtain an extra egg. As in Yoshi's Story, when Yoshi loses all of his health, Toadies will appear that take Yoshi to Baby Bowser's castle; after this, the demo will reset.

The demo also includes two debugging features. Pressing the Start button will enable a "CPU Speed Check", while the Select button will damage Yoshi.[1])

Technical details

Technical details
Input / compatible controllers: Game Boy Advance


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