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Nintendo Mobile

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Nintendo Mobile
Nintendo mobile home.png
Provider: Nintendo
Launched: October 17, 2005
End of service: March 2013
Service provided: Nintendo news, information, downloadable music
Accessible by: Mobile phone (i-mode)
Official page (defunct)

For the YouTube channel, see Nintendo Mobile (YouTube channel). For mobile games produced or published by Nintendo, see List of smart device Nintendo games

Nintendo Mobile (Japanese: 任天堂モバイル or Nintendoモバイル) is a discontinued Nintendo service for mobile phones, and phone web browser. It would use technology known as "i-Mode", allowing the user to connect to special Nintendo pages or download content online, similar to its predecessor Mobile System GB. The service began on October 17, 2005 in collaboration between Nintendo and Omron Entertainment. The service ended in March 2013.[1]

In addition to offering downloadable content, it showcased the latest Nintendo news. This service, though obscure, has lasted up to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eras.[2]

List of available content

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Main source 1/2. Incomplete details due to kanji are marked with "unidentified" or "???".

  • Donkey Kong series: Donkey Kong, game kaishi, Donkey Kong title BGM, BGM 2-men clear, hammer BGM, miss, radar BGM
  • Donkey Kong Jr.: 1-men clear, 1-men BGM, 1-men BGM (organ), Game Start, Donkey Kong Jr. title BGM, 4-men BGM
  • Dr. Mario: Title BGM, Fever, Chill Chill Clear, Level 20 Hi-Clear (UFO) Ending
  • Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland: Akinai Akimahen, Akinai Maido Ari, Uffun [unidentified], U~n, Duke de Gozaimasu!, Komachi no [???], 35 [unidentified], Chef [???], Tower Gyun Gyun, Chikomama no [???], Chinkle no [???]
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX: Kaze no Sakana no Uta ([???] version), Kaze no Sakana no Uta (Game Over version), title theme, unknown Tarin theme, Tal Tal Mountain theme, animals theme, field theme, Mābe no Mura
  • Mother 3: Ai no Theme (Japanese: MOTHER3 愛のテーマ) (promotion[3])
  • Super Mario Bros.: Small Mario jump, kame o ketta toki, kame o funda toki, Game Over, Coin, chi Mario ni natta toki, Course Clear Fanfare, shiro BGM, Suichuu BGM, Suichuu BGM (organ), Time Up keikoku-on, Dai Mario jump, Dai Mario Fire Mario ni henshin, chika BGM, chijou BGM, chijou BGM (organ), chijou BGM (organ), Tsuru ga nobiru toki, fireball, player down, muteki BGM, muteki BGM (organ), World Clear fanfare
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Athletic BGM, Ending, organ, suichuu BGM, chika BGM, chijou BGM, toride no boss
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