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List of non-affiliated, longstanding Nintendo wiki communities

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This article is a list of existing or past Nintendo related wikis which have been longstanding (defined as at least five years), at least 100 articles and have had a community of more than only one or two members. This list is also about wikis not affiliated or part of Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis or the Mushroom World Encyclopedia including wikis hosted on wiki farms.

See also: NIWA affiliated wikis


Broad focus[edit]


Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedias)[edit]

Wikipedia is run as a general wide-scale tertiary encyclopedia and has millions of articles and many different language versions. It has an emphasis on reliable sources (secondary independent trusted websites and not user generated content), citation/verifiability and moderation. Lots of Nintendo content is covered on Wikipedia, but the wiki has policies against certain content like in-game strategy content/character information without reliable sources. Instead there is a focus on the game's impact on the industry and society, such as reception on rating websites and the gaming press. For these reasons, a large portion of Nintendo content is not covered on Wikipedia, although some of the content against the policy remains.

The English Wikipedia has a sub-portal of the video games portal known as the Nintendo task force.

Grey legality[edit]

These communities have information about subjects that are legally debatable or otherwise may not be legal.


Datacrystal is the wiki. Users occasionally contribute the data structures of video games not limited to Nintendo games there (such as ROM Maps and RAM Maps).

The Cutting Room Floor[edit]

The Cutting Room Floor ( is a wiki about data-mining video games with a side focus on prerelease material, prototypes and glitches, and is linked with the jul.rustedlogic forum.

Wiibrew, 3DBrew, Switchbrew[edit]

Wikis about the internal structures and hacking Nintendo consoles.

General Nintendo[edit]

Kyoto Report ([edit]

This wiki was founded on April 6, 2012 by Kyoto Ninja, originally spun-off from a blog, and is primarily about Nintendo staff and game credits. It is one of the most detailed sources on this subject. While the wiki is primarily edited by one user it has a userbase and forum of users contributing staff credits.


Nintendopedia ( was a Nintendo wiki but it was closed in December 2007 due to spam, and had its content merged with Nintendo Wiki (Wikia).

Nintendo Wiki (Wikia)[edit]

Nintendo Wiki, hosted on Wikia was founded by Tracco on March 15, 2006. Due to spam on Nintendopedia, content from that wiki was merged to Nintendo Wiki on December 2007. It has various affiliates of other Wikia/Fandom communities and is part of a general gaming portal. It has over 25100 articles. Unlike NintendoWiki it has a larger scope and covers subjects such as individual characters and third party Nintendo products not published by Nintendo.

Kirby series[edit]

Kirby Wiki (Wikia)[edit]

A Wikia wiki about the Kirby series with over 2200 articles.

Pokémon series[edit]

Bulbapedia logo.png This article is a short summary of List of non-affiliated, longstanding Nintendo wiki communities.
Bulbapedia features a more in-depth article.
Azurilland Wiki[edit]

A Gamepedia Pokémon wiki (a service hosted by Curse until it was absorbed into Wikia) associated with the Marilland community and forum. It was originally The Pokémon Wiki however the community split, and some people started Azurilland Wiki while others stayed on The Pokémon Wiki.

Glitch City Laboratories' Wiki[edit]

Glitch City Laboratories was a website spun off by a series of smaller Pokémon related websites by Abwayax, and became a popular website and forum specifically all about Pokémon glitches in December 2005. In February 2009 a wiki version of the site was started secretly, and eventually became public.

The wiki covers information about Pokémon glitches, curiosities, data-mining, extrapolated 'glitch' data in databases or listings (such as glitch Pokémon, glitch items, glitch moves and glitch moves), unused content in the Pokémon games, and sometimes shares links with Bulbapedia. It has over 3500 articles. "Project Caspar" was also formed to cover some information about non-Pokémon related glitches (although most articles are now covered in one big listing for that game; a similar setup to The Cutting Room Floor), although the wiki still considers itself to be primarily a Pokémon site.

In its later life, the wiki formed a network with Prama Initiative (French), Legendary Star Blob 2 (Japanese), Missingno. Glitch City (Italian); websites in different languages all focused on Pokémon glitches, as well as the Pokémon Speedruns website/forum community and wiki. In the past Glitch City Laboratories also attracted members from a similar now defunct Pokémon glitch community called Hall of Origin which covered more information about modern Pokémon glitches such as Tweaking and had a small wiki for a brief period of time but was not related to it.

On July 12, 2020 Photon-Phoenix announced the site's closure due to staff burnout and the situation related to the Pokémon source code/Nintendo Space World leaks (in order to wipe the leaks clean from the site), offering a new community to takeover it called Glitch City Metropolis. A Discord channel called the Glitch City Research Institute was then formed. The contents of the wiki and forum are being archived and will be locked.

PokéFanon (Wikia)[edit]

A Wikia hosted Pokémon Fanon wiki


A wiki that hosts Pokémon related images, and other Nintendo related media

The Pokémon Wiki (Wikia)[edit]

A Wikia hosted Pokémon series encyclopedia with over 17600 articles.

Mario series[edit]

MarioWiki (Wikia)[edit]

A Wikia hosted Mario series encyclopedia with over 8400 articles.


Rare Witch Project[edit]

The Rare Witch Project is a community and wiki dedicated to games developed by Rare. Rare is no longer a Nintendo-owned company and is now owned by Microsoft in law, however games which were once more closely related to Nintendo or still are such as Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Kazooie are covered there.

The Legend of Zelda series[edit]

Zelda Wiki logo.png This article is a short summary of List of non-affiliated, longstanding Nintendo wiki communities.
Zelda Wiki features a more in-depth article.


Pokémon series[edit]

Pokémon Wiki (Korean) (Wikia)[edit]

A Wikia hosted Pokémon encyclopedia in Korean


Pokémon series[edit]

La Wikia de Pokéfanon[edit]

A Spanish Pokémon Fanon wiki on Wikia affiliated with the English PokéFanon

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